UW-Madison’s CFACT Funding Decision is Unfair to Students

Madison, WI – Today a group of legislators and students gathered together to present a letter signed by all to University of Wisconsin Chancellor Biddy Martin. Earlier this school year, Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow was denied funding from segregated fees for next year. CFACT appealed that decision all the way up to the Chancellor who denied them funding.

CFACT stands for Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow, a campus based organization committed to sound science on environmental issues and the promotion of constructive solutions to environmental problems.

CFACT has been on the UW Campus since 2002 and has reach many thousands of students.

‘The Chancellor’s decision to ultimately refuse funding to CFACT disenfranchises thousands of students from getting use of their segregated fees. While other groups provide a home for some students, other students have looked to groups like CFACT that provide a different service with a different view point,’ says Senator Glenn Grothman. ‘It is unfortunate that now these students have nowhere to go because of Chancellor Martin’s decision. We hope she overrules her previous decision and grants CFACT funding for the 09-10 school year.’

On the UW Campus, CFACT is one of the largest student organizations. With over 400 interns and over 700 members, CFACT truly impacts UW.

These legislators are simply asking for the right decision to be made. The fair decision. Let CFACT have funding to create a diverse campus with many viewpoints.