UW CFACT Kick Off!!

Spring Semester is off and running at the University of Wisconsin. With over 150 interns and well over 700 members, this chapter is going to have a busy semester.

UW kicked off the semester with Not Evil Just Wrong, the film by Phelim MacAleer and Ann McElhinney. This film will be shown at a more public setting later this semester.

This year has some new campaigns and they’re bringing some old ones back. The kickoff meeting last night had a great turnout with lots of new faces. “This semester is going to have its challenges, but I’m certain UW CFACT can and will overcome them to make this semester a great one,” says UW CFACT President Alex Hansen. “We have a really great group of students this year who are excited about the semester we have planned!”

Campaigns this year will attack issues like Cap and Trade, Global Warming, Property Rights, Animal Rights, Energy, Conservationism, and Pricing.