UVA Seeks Refuge From The Library

10255819_10152360216275050_8027831238196782220_nAs final exams loom ever closer for college students across the country, CFACT’s University of Virginia chapter took to the outdoors to escape the close confines of the library.

Exchanging the Red Bull and highlighters for some sturdy hiking shoes, the students explored the Humpback Rocks are just outside of Charlottesville, VA, home to the famed university.

What an opportune time it was for them as well, as the sun gently set near the summit of their hike.

UVa CFACT president, Margy Eastham, noted “this sunset hike was the perfect getaway for UVa students with the stress of finals approaching. Getting out of the library and into the great outdoors presented itself as a fantastic opportunity to conclude our first semester [as a chapter] here in Charlottesville.”