USF Bulls brake for gators!


The University of South Florida student body may have a sports rivalry with the the near by University of Florida Gators. However, when it comes to supporting free market incentives to preserve the american alligator the students are clearly on the same team. Last 14725226_10209700084552397_2022971053_oweek students at the University of South Florida held a tabling event in support of gator farms, tanneries, and gator hunting. Included was a petition of support for privatization and economic incentives for alligators, as well as informative brochures showing how the free market is the best means of species preservation. Many students were unsure at first when they approached the table, but after reading the information and visiting with the CFACT student’s, they quickly signed on.


This event was in response to the false narrative that the EPA’s regulations and protection acts of certain endangered species is the best course of action for their well being and preservation. An example of this is the treatment of elephants in Africa and the prohibition to ivory. By passing laws prohibiting the selling of ivory the value increases therefore making the reward for poachers too big to pass up. By allowing for the selling of ivory ranchers then have an incentive to invest in elephant farms and protect the elepha14689849_10209700084152387_127880453_onts there. The same can be said with alligator hide and meat. The students at USF were too smart to be scammed by the left’s lies. It is clear to see the american alligator will be around for awhile as long as the students from USF have anything to say about it.