University of Washington CFACT Testifies in Seattle

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Facing intense opposition, two CFACT members at the University of Washington testified in front of the EPA at their public listening session in Seattle on Thursday, November 7th. 

A three hour affair, Laycee Hyde and Billy Stinson joined over 150 people in a room that overflowed with advocates. In Seattle, the listening session was almost entirely dominated by those expressing “a dire need to act on climate change by encouraging EPA to enforce the strictest regulations possible,” noted Hyde. 

CFACT stood as the sole opposition the entire afternoon, calling on EPA to consider the facts and not rely on shaky, controversial data when making these policy decisions. Further, the regulations that have been proposed would stifle an already struggling economy and continue to limit the possibilities for future economic growth for younger generations. 

Raucous applause greeted every other speaker, while silence prevailed following each student’s testimony. In fact, the crowd was so hostile that during Hyde’s testimony she was interrupted by a heckler.

Hyde noted though, “I feel that us being there representing the other, and correct, side to the issue was a crucial part of the hearing. We honestly got their attention, and for that, I am very grateful.” 

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