University of Nevada Reno CFACT launches fall semester with climate facts recruitment event!

Sophomore Patrick Shields discusses the myth of the 97% climate consensus with an interested student

CFACT’s newest chapter at the University of Nevada, Reno kicked off their fall semester with a recruitment drive on campus. University of Nevada, Reno CFACT President and intern Patrick Shields said, “it happened to be a windy day on campus so I figured why not hand out some fidget spinners and teach my peers about the spin the climate alarmists make with their so called 97% consensus.”

According to Patrick the sound science and facts seemed to ground him and many students signed up to join CFACT and the ranks of the many climate realists on campuses across the country.

The University of Nevada, Reno CFACT chapter is one of many new chapters created near the west coast to combat the greens and project

A student signs up after hearing about CFACT’s free market environmentalism message

sound science to the liberal Mecca of universities nearby. Patrick Shields was one of many students who attended CFACT’s 2017 Eco Summit in Baltimore this past summer thanks to the generous support of donors and patrons.

While at the Eco Summit Patrick realized the climate alarmist sham and pledged to do what he could back home in Nevada to fight the radical green agenda on his campus and be a light to his peers. Patrick is one of many students who became on fire for the facts after Eco Summit, and we look forward to the many events they will do on their campuses this year to fight for liberty and battle the pseudo-science of the green agenda.