University of Minnesota, Twin Cities chapter tables at “ExploreU” recruitment event

New club members sign up to get involved with CFACT on campus!

The CFACT chapter at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, successfully spent a day recruiting new club members at the school-wide “ExploreU” event. The ExploreU event is an opportunity for freshmen to learn about the student organizations on campus and get involved. Taking place in Huntington Bank Stadium, the event is attended by 4,000 students.

Naturally, CFACT attended this event to spread its message of prosperity, liberty, and stewardship of nature to incoming freshmen. A sign on CFACT’s table said “ask us about free market environmentalism.” Indeed, many students took CFACT leaders up on that, and many constructive and informative conversations were had.

All in all, the CFACT chapter met with dozens of potential new members and is well poised to be thriving with club members for the years to follow.

Students crowd around CFACT’s table to learn more.

Dylan Saue, club treasurer, had this to say about the effort: “It was a great day of recruiting and spreading CFACT’s message of free market environmentalism. We got a lot of sign ups and we’re excited to do big things this semester!”

The CFACT chapter at UMN Twin Cities frequently organizes impactful events, including dynamic speakers like Ben Shapiro, Marc Morano, Lauren Southern, Ron Paul, and more. The club also makes sure to give back to nature, and has organized many litter clean ups over the years of the Mississippi River that flows through campus.

In prior years, the club has been subject to censorship from leftists on campus. For example, one year the club’s mural was defaced. Another year ANTIFA attacked club leaders. While it is hoped that a more open and friendly environment will be fostered this year by campus administration, club leaders are also prepared to stand up for what they believe in.