CFACT Signs at U of Minnesota Vandalized: Administration Does Nothing

The original sign painted by CFACT students, promoting free market environmentalism.

On college campuses across the United States, conservatives have been subject to censorship, ridicule, and ultimately destruction of property and physical assault. Recently, CFACT at the University of Minnesota joined the growing list of victims from the left’s violent adherence to political correctness by having its sign vandalized and defaced twice.

“We’ve filed police reports for each incident,” said CFACT student president Michael Ziebarth, a sophomore. “But I don’t really expect anything to come from those reports, even though there are security cameras.”

Spray painted graffiti over CFACT’s sign. Particularly chilling are the phrases “Free Speech” and “Free Markets” crossed out.

Each semester, student organizations have the opportunity to paint a sign on a panel of a bridge on campus to promote their message and attract students to their events. CFACT painted a sign promoting the benefits capitalism and the free market have on the environment. The words “People, Earth, Industry, Nuclear, Free Speech” were proclaimed as central to CFACT’s message.

This was apparently too triggering for radical greens on campus. CFACT students returned to find their sign spray painted, with the “Industry, Nuclear and Free Speech” words crossed out. In place of “Free Market Environmentalism” was painted “No Market Environmentalism.”

The students promptly repainted their sign, making it even better than before. This time, paint was splashed over the sign, covering their message.

The repainted sign done by students after the first incident of vandalism.

“We’ve also reported this to Student Activities, but they just said to report it to the police and that we can repaint it,” Ziebarth added. “No one in the administration really seems to care.”

Vandals struck the CFACT sign a second time, splashing paint over the core aspects of the club’s message.

CFACT wasn’t the only group with their signs vandalized. Other conservative groups were vandalized multiple times as well, including the College Republicans and Turning Point USA. What is truly eye-opening however, is that the Minnesota Bipartisan Issues Group had their signs vandalized. It is clear that the hatred of the left will not even tolerate those who want to debate or consider both sides of an issue. Either agree with the Left, or be attacked.

“People don’t really care if conservatives are vandalized because they think that’s how its supposed to be,” continued Ziebarth. “Last year a Muslim student association sign was vandalized with hate speech. That act was horrible, and the campus was in an uproar. But when several conservative organizations are called racists and bigots and get their signs vandalized multiple times, the school doesn’t do anything but say ‘you can repaint it.'”

CFACT isn’t backing down. The student leaders at Minnesota are forging ahead with their free market message by inviting conservative and libertarian speaker Lauren Southern to discuss the evils of socialism and dangers of encroaching on free speech.

This also isn’t the first time CFACT has been attacked by the left on campus. Last year, CFACT at Temple University in Philadelphia had their pro-fracking sign destroyed and thrown in the trash. The perpetrator then screamed obscenities. You can watch that full video here.