University of Memphis Students Stop Playing Games With Hunger!


Two things to take away from the recent CFACT at the University of Memphis event. One, GMO’s get a bad rap by the greens and the media , even though they do a tremendous amount of good for the human race as a whole as well as the environment. Second hungry students seem to not care if foods have GMO’s or not when it comes to devouring their favorite snacks. Earlier this month students at the University of Memphis stopped playing games with hunger and spread the facts about GMO’s while also feeding their fellow classmates. One student said, “I have always heard about the evil of genetically modified organisms, however I never really knew what they were.” The student further went on to say that he had been eating Lays brand potato chips since he was young and he has always maintained a clean bill of health despite their use of GMOs. As the day went on more students continued to come by the table and show their support of their favorite GMO snacks! This event is part of CFACT’s don’t play games with hunger campaign and helps shine a light on the franken food myth surrounding GMOs.