University of Houston hosts Courtnie Bagley to debunk “Climate Hysteria”

Representing CFACT at the University of Houston is Gadai Bulgac whose chapter recently hosted the Education Coordinator for Life:Powered, Courtnie Bagley. The Life:Powered program is a facet of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Coming from a long line of those in the field, Bagley’s family has a heavy presence in the Texan energy sector. The speech, which was titled “Climate Hysteria”, focused on the needless hysteria amped up by the media and liberal politicians with their worthless solutions to solve current climate issues.

Bagley moderated her presentation by considering the solutions of both sides and told CFACT chapter members about the trade off of both conservative and liberal environmental policies. The ones that tend to have negative effects, as reiterated many times, are solar, wind and lithium ion battery production. For example, solar energy panels typically take up more land as well as raise energy costs to the point of becoming a detriment to human flourishing. They also can endanger animal populations.

Typically not emphasized as much as fossil fuels was nuclear power. Bagley took the time to consider this cost-effective and cleaner form of energy generating unlike a lot of other commentators in the climate change policy movement. Bulgac and his chapter were pleased with the talk and as he would later state, “It was a very informative presentation! My favorite part was when we considered the tradeoffs [of] different liberal environmental policies.”

CFACT’s outreach continues to analyze and consider all possible alternatives to environmental issues in order to preserve and protect the most feasible options for the human condition.