University of Arkansas Little Rock Students Brake For Deer!

Students at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock took time out of their busy schedules to help prevent deer and vehicle collisions by handing out deer whistles. Arkansas besides being a beautiful state and home to some of the countries best rafting and canoeing locations  is also home to some of the best hunting for both deer and waterfowl.  With the deer hunting season coming to a close and food becoming scarce, deer are beginning to encroach on or near road ways in search of new food. This then becomes near death experiences for motorist as deer launch out in front of cars causing much damage to the vehicle and harm to the driver. 

CFACT’s solution, let the free market solve it. By handing out deer whistles students will be able to avoid these costly collisions as well as prevent the unnecessary death of a deer on the road. Most of the students welcomed the gift with open arms and were eager to learn more about many other ways the free market helps the environment. This event was part of CFACT’s new campaign SOS or Save Our Species which promotes free market ideas to preserve and benefit the animal kingdom.