“Timeline with Terry” will feature CFACT’s Adam Houser in TV premiere

A new television channel is premiering across digital streaming services called “Conservative Television America” (CTA). CFACT will be featured as one of the very first guests on CTA’s “Timeline with Terry” program with host Terry Gilberg.

Gilberg sat down with CFACT’s Adam Houser in studio to discuss how to “cancel campus cancel culture.” The segment covered censorship of conservatives on colleges and universities, as well as Big Tech censorship by companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Finally, Houser and Gilberg discussed environmental issues, and how they intersect on college campuses.

Gilberg asked Houser for examples of campus censorship and bias. Houser explained incidents that occurred on Temple University campus in Philadelphia, PA, where a student stole and destroyed a CFACT pro-fracking (aka hydraulic fracturing) sign. He also went over the ANTIFA protest that occurred at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Ben Shapiro event.

You can read about the Temple University incident here, and the ANTIFA protest here.

“It was a pleasure to discuss these very important issues in studio,” Houser said. “More people need to be aware of censorship and of those on the Left who are attacking those they disagree with. I’m excited that CFACT’s message will get coverage on the growing platform of streaming media and this new program, ‘Timeline with Terry.'”

The segment will premiere in December and can be found on Roku, Amazon Fire stick, and eventually Hulu.