The Pope’s Interesting Priorities

Pope Francis will be making his trip to the United States in the coming days. The crowds expected to be coming to Washington D.C. are going to be insane. With all that is going on in the world, Catholics and people of faith everywhere typically look to the Pope for wisdom, guidance, and most of all, hope.

We have the refugee crisis in the Middle East, where millions have been pouring into Europe to escape the atrocities of ISIS and the ongoing civil war in Syria. Speaking of ISIS, we have a radical terrorist group the likes of which the world has possibly never seen, kidnapping whoever they please, abusing women, torturing captives, and driving people from their homes. Not to mention they are hell bent on persecuting Christians throughout the region.

We have the wildfires and drought in the western United States. Countless starving people around the world. Disturbing political trends with Russia in Syria, Ukraine, and Iran. Now more than ever should the leader of a religion that preaches faith, hope and life serve as that beacon to call Christians everywhere into action to stop these atrocities and devote themselves to charity and prayer.

The Pope has focused on one issue, however. Climate change. Why would the Pope choose now to devote so much time to calling for action on climate change? It is expected to even be the main focus of his address to Congress next week. Myself being a Christian, all I can think of is the opportunity to help others, to save lives, to show everyone around the world what the love of Christ looks like by standing up to evil and violence and helping those in need.

We can hope that is somewhere on Pope Francis’ agenda.