The Light at the End of the Tunnel

For those of us who are skeptical of catastrophic manmade global warming, it may seem like we are making no progress in the political or scientific fields. After all, those who dare to question theories or the interpretation of data are vilified in the media, lambasted by certain politicians, and even rebuked by the Pope. Will we see a day when the tide has reversed, or are we destined to live in a world based off of bureaucracy, corruption, limited freedom, and unsound science?

I am confident that we will emerge victorious. As the years and decades pass by, slowly but surely something will become apparent: that the doomsday predictions of the UN have not come true. Now, the pessimists among us may claim that many of those predictions have already proven not to be true today, yet the same claims about global warming thrive. The numbers are re-interpreted, inconvenient data from those scientists’ own satellites are ignored, and the media plays along. Why should we expect anything different in the future?

I do not believe that when we come out on top of the global warming debate, it will be because of a groundbreaking news story on corruption in the scientific community or a landmark Supreme Court case. I believe that over time, if we can elect officials who put into place policies that allow the individual to innovate and thrive, the evidence will be irrefutable that heavy handed government regulations do more harm than good. As pundits and voters look back and evaluate what policies benefited their families and their local environments, people will realize that letting the free market thrive and allowing entrepreneurs to act is the best way to solve our environmental problems.

It will take patience and fortitude, but it will happen.