Taking Personal Responsibility for the Environment

Today the environment is on minds of more and more people. Discussions about climate change, conservation, and pollution have taken on a national scale. Sometimes it is hard to keep our focus on what is truly important: conserving the environment. While we may not agree on the role the government should play when it comes to protecting the environment, everyone can contribute to the goal of conservation. Just because the environment is a big issue, it doesn’t mean we are too small to help out.

There are simple ways everyone can get involved in helping out the environment. Reducing the resources you use is a great way to help out the environment. Turning off unneeded lights, using less water, or even carpooling are all easy ways to save resources. Reusing old items, or donating them to charity, will also help the environment.  Recycling is another way to cut down on the waste we produce, which will in turn cut down pollution and help the environment.

I have been in situations before where people have told me they do not have to worry about recycling, or other means of conservation, because the government is “handling” the issue. Responsibility for the environment does not belong to just the government, it belongs to us too. If we have an opportunity to change the world for the better, we should pursue that opportunity. It would be a true shame if, instead of actively trying to help the environment, individuals ignored their personal responsibility for the environment just because the government is “taking care of it.”