Students at Northwestern State University Support the Bayou Bridge Pipeline!


Students at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana understand a good deal when they see it. Thats why when they heard of a proposed pipeline that could move tons of oil though Louisiana as well as create many jobs and leave no toxic waste behind they couldn’t wait to get behind it!

The event comes in response to the proposal to build a 162.52 mile pipeline from Lake Charles, Louisiana to around the New Orleans area.  Louisiana Land Owners Association President Tim Allen states that, “Over 85 percent of the entire pipeline will parallel existing roads, highways, power lines, pipelines, and other infrastructure in order to minimize the footprint of the project and impacts to land use. The LLA feels that Bayou Bridge officials have gone out of their way to satisfy landowner’s concerns, and we commend them for their commitment to this effort.

The project will have a significant impact to Louisiana’s economy with over 2,500 jobs created during the construction phase. Also, Louisiana will receive over $1.8 million in property taxes during the pipeline’s first full year in operation and likely more in subsequent years.”

Even with the abundance of evidence and research collected that show the project to be a clear win-win for the state of Louisiana. Many green groups including the Sierra Club have come out against the pipeline as well as have had no problem with taking thousands  in George Soros dollars to help further their cause. 

Thats why events like these are a huge boost in moral for the thousands of energy works around the state as well as alumni who continue to give to their alma mater. By CFACT students standing with with working man and women a clear message is sent to the watermelon liberals who think they have the collage campus in the bag. Students at Northwestern State support real energy in Louisiana.

This event like many others is part of CFACT’s Frack You Campaign. Which is designed to shine the light on the lies the greens are saying about fossil fuels and promote the facts on why they are a better source most of the time compared to the green alternatives.