Students at Florida State are not “Air Heads” when it comes to Real Energy!

This FSU student is no airhead when it comes to energy!

CFACT at Florida State University took to the streets to tell students not to be an “Airhead” when it comes to energy.  In most cases students take for granted the lies told to them by the greens on campus and intern develop

CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze holds a sign to catch students attention walking from class to class.

a false sense of superiority when it comes to alternative energy in regards to the notion of climate change. This coupled with narrative that the greens hold the moral high ground when it comes to the planet and helping others creates a wharped view on the climate realist side of the debate. This slant then turns people away from efficient fossil fuel based energy sources. 


FSU CFACT President Alex hands out literature and an airhead to a student walking by.

On Friday, Florida State CFACT President Alex Koberda decided enough was enough of the squewed one sided narrative and made it a point to meet his students on the streets to give them the real facts on energy. Equipped with energy fact sheets as well as everyone’s favorite candy Airheads, Alex and CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze set out to bring the truth directly to the students. 

Students overall were happy the weekend was almost  here and were more than willing to listen to the facts regarding fossil fuels based energy and how it effects Floridians and Americans alike. Most of the students were all aboard and seemed to think all energy forms should be presented equally and the cheapest and most effiecient shoulkd be used. One student said, “It makes you question why most professors only discuss green energy as a viable energy source moving into the future, it is like they are hiding something.” At CFACT we couldnt agree more, and with green energy prices still costing more than their fossil fuel counter parts it pays for the greens  to only spin one side of the argument to students.


This event was part of CFACT’s Frack U Campaign to dispel the lies surrounding fossil fuel based energy sources. As well as counter the lies that green energy is the best energy to power peoples lives moving forward. 

FSU CFACT President Alex Koberda holds a “Dont be an Airhead” sign on campus.