Students at Cal State Fullerton: End the Drought with Privatized Water!

Students at California State University in Fullerton came together to address the draught and find free market solutions to supply water to thirsty students.20161117_150309 The idea of distributing water bottles to students came when  Bernie a student at Cal State Fullerton realized no matter how bad the drought was the store shelves were always stacked with bottled water. “This is due to the supply and demand associated with market forces. When the demand goes up for more water like in a drought the companies produce more water. When there is no water shortage the companies can then ease of of production. The solution then came to advocate for the privatization of California’s water system.


“The drought in California has been going on for almost three years and still the California State government is in no better shape than when they first started their water conservation efforts,” says Bernie. That was the message he wanted to bring to his peers and from the very start they listened. As soon as Bernie set up students began asking if they could have a bottle of water. This gave Bernie a chance to visit with his new found friends and share CFACT;s idea to solve the drought. “The results were good.” says Bernie. “Many students wanted to get behind the idea and see more things solved through the market rather than with more government.” This event shows again how much more actions speak louder than words, and how a simple act of just giving water to a stranger can radically change their perspective on the world around them.