St. Olaf and Carleton College Hand Out US Constitutions on Campus

CFACT chapter leaders at St. Olaf and Carleton colleges handed out hundreds of US constitutions on campus to their fellow students.  CFACT holds the view that students need to understand their government as a matter of civic responsibility and that having a smaller more constitutionally limited government is the key to having a great country.  More importantly if they learn just how misconstrued certain elements of our government have become they can take a pro-active approach at helping bring them back to a more constitutionally sound perspective through student activism.

Handing out these copies gave the CFACT students the chance to engage their fellow students on these ideas.  Many students gladly accepted the copies and some showed extreme interest in what CFACT was doing in giving out these free copies.  As CFACT continues to help educate students on campus on the importance of the US Constitution our hope is that the future seeds to a well-informed generation of voters and citizens will help steer the ship of America back on course.