Shoot & Scoop at the Ohio State University!

OSU Collegians clean up their shells left behind after taking turns at the range.

CFACT at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio went to Black Wing Shooting Center to have an afternoon of skeet shooting, stewardship, and dialogue about the mission of CFACT to kick off the newly formed chapter.

The afternoon could not have gone any better, as more kids expressed interest than originally planned, the weather was beautiful, and the conversations surrounding free market solutions to environmental problems facing our country and world were passionate and interesting. All of the kids that came were steadfast in their Conservative beliefs and values, however, as one of the kids said, “I have always looked for a Conservative group that brought together my passion for politics as well as my passion for conserving our world for the next generations.” All in attendance were in agreement that as Conservatives, often times it is hard to find literature and have productive discussions about climate change and anything surrounding energy. After discussing the main goals and mission of CFACT, however, all in attendance were excited and motivated.

CFACT students look on and prepare for the shots to start ringing out as the Shoot & Scoop event begins.

The conversations took place in between taking turns at the range, and while stewarding the surrounding area by making sure to clean up every trace of shells and litter after the event. Unlike leftists who want to control others’ lives while doing little to change their own, CFACT students make sure to put their stewardship talk into action whenever possible.

Students wrap up the day by making sure no piece of litter and no shell or casing is left behind!

“I, personally, know that CFACT will be successful on campus,” said sophomore Abby Draiss, “and with an avid group of multiple Conservative organizations, it will benefit this campus, as well as help students to see a different view point of issues surrounding climate change, and how environmental issues can be solved through innovation and free-market capitalism.”

The outreach event was part of CFACT’s Save Our Species campaign, which showcases the means by which hunting, which requires ample gun rights, and free markets contribute to species management and conservation.