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Climate Realism On Display As Dr. Cal Beisner Wins Over Georgia Students On State Tour!
Climate realism on display as Dr. Cal Beisner wins over Georgia students on State Tour!

With the holidays on the way and the semester ending many students are beginning to prepare for finals and returning home. One issue that always comes up around these times is how to talk to your crazy climate alarmist Aunt…

U Of Minnesota Hosts 2nd Annual Free Speech Comedy Night!
U of Minnesota hosts 2nd Annual Free Speech Comedy Night!

CFACT-UMN hosted its 2nd annual Free Speech Comedy Night featuring a competition between local up and coming comedians followed by headliner Brian Miller. "The main reason for this annual event is to protect free speech on campus," said club president…

Harper’s Ferry National Park Welcomes Patrick Henry College
Harper’s Ferry National Park welcomes Patrick Henry College

Students from Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA organized a CFACT club hike of Harper's Ferry National Park in West Virginia. The park is not just a site for beautiful nature scenes, but is also a historical town that provides…

CFACT Puts Policy Into Action At America First Energy Conference In Houston
CFACT puts policy into action at America First Energy Conference in Houston

With the election of President Trump, there was a clear mandate from the American people to end the infamous Obama "War on Coal." States like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin turned red for Trump because of his promise to…

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Our Collegians chapters are active all across the nation.  Check out some of our most recent events!

Rock Climbing Outreach At Seattle U!

Rock Climbing outreach at Seattle U!

What separates CFACT from other conservative groups is that CFACT actually does things. CFACT students don’t just hold pizza club meetings, and staff does not simply write policy reports that…

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Keep up on the latest issues with our blog.  We bring the news to you in a way that is digestible for college students.

The Backbone of America

Imagine getting out of your warm bed early in the morning, just before the sun peeked above the horizon. You are still tired from the previous day’s work on your…

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We could do with less bureaucracy

Earlier this week President Trump praised French President Macron for calls for “less bureaucracy” and went on to say this is something America could strive for. Bureaucracy is often intended…

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The New Scientific Method?

  The scene is a hot and crowded gym filled with middle school students, parents, and teachers. You're standing by your project, waiting for your teacher to give it a grade. You…

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