Ohio Hurricanes
WATCH: Ohio State Students Learn Hurricanes Are Actually Decreasing!
WATCH: Ohio State students learn hurricanes are actually decreasing!

The media, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities are all in lockstep: climate change is making extreme weather worse, and are causing the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean. What they all ignore, however, is that according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric…

University Of Nevada Reno CFACT Launches Fall Semester With Climate Facts Recruitment Event!
University of Nevada Reno CFACT launches fall semester with climate facts recruitment event!

   CFACT’s newest chapter at the University of Nevada Reno kicked off their fall semester with a recruitment drive on campus. University of Nevada Reno CFACT President and intern Patrick Shields said, “it happened to be a windy day on…

Climate Myths Dispelled At West Virginia University
Climate Myths Dispelled at West Virginia University

Hurricanes are getting more extreme. 97% of scientists agree. Polar bears are going extinct.  These are the lies that college students are bombarded with from professors and the media almost daily. CFACT visited West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV to…

University Of Louisiana Students Highlight Species Sustainability By Touring Zoo!
University of Louisiana Students Highlight Species Sustainability by Touring Zoo!

   CFACT student leaders at the University of Louisiana recently toured the Zoo of Acadiana in Lafayette to bring awareness to the benefits zoos have in preserving our species. University of Louisiana CFACT President Adam Cannon said that in todays…

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Fall Recruitment Kickoff At PHC!

Fall Recruitment Kickoff at PHC!

CFACT's fall recruitment drive started with a bang at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia this past week! Dozens of students were energized by CFACT's message of fighting radical environmentalism…

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The Backbone of America

Imagine getting out of your warm bed early in the morning, just before the sun peeked above the horizon. You are still tired from the previous day’s work on your…

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We could do with less bureaucracy

Earlier this week President Trump praised French President Macron for calls for “less bureaucracy” and went on to say this is something America could strive for. Bureaucracy is often intended…

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The New Scientific Method?

  The scene is a hot and crowded gym filled with middle school students, parents, and teachers. You're standing by your project, waiting for your teacher to give it a grade. You…

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