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2017 (10)
CFACT’s Save Our Species Spring Campaign In Review
CFACT’s Save Our Species Spring Campaign in Review

  At the beginning of the spring semester CFACT Campus decided to take head on the issue of animal sustainability through privatization in our Save Our Species Campaign. From the beginning we knew we would be battling the radical green…

Louisiana & Oregon Students Publish LTEs On Fracking, GMOs!
Louisiana & Oregon students publish LTEs on fracking, GMOs!

During the 2016-17 school year, two op-eds published by collegians in support of free market environmentalism gained well-deserved attention. The first was written by Paola Vargas, a senior at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette in support of hydraulic fracturing, or…

WATCH: CFACT Convinces Seattle U To Support Privatization Of Endangered Species
WATCH: CFACT convinces Seattle U to support privatization of endangered species

Who does a better job at protecting endangered species? The government? Or the private sector? CFACT at Seattle University shows their student peers how privatization saved the American Bison from extinction, and changes several minds on hunting and private ownership!…

King Coal: Over 80% Of Arkansas Collegians Surveyed Support Coal Power
King Coal: Over 80% of Arkansas collegians surveyed support coal power

A poll of 550 total students at the University of Arkansas revealed that an incredible 80.91% of them support the continued use of clean coal for Arkansas energy. The poll was conducted from May 2-4, 2017 at both the University…

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The Backbone of America

Imagine getting out of your warm bed early in the morning, just before the sun peeked above the horizon. You are still tired from the previous day’s work on your…

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We could do with less bureaucracy

Earlier this week President Trump praised French President Macron for calls for “less bureaucracy” and went on to say this is something America could strive for. Bureaucracy is often intended…

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The New Scientific Method?

  The scene is a hot and crowded gym filled with middle school students, parents, and teachers. You're standing by your project, waiting for your teacher to give it a grade. You…

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