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Free Markets: Aaron Solem Discusses The ‘right To Work’ At U Of Minnesota
Free Markets: Aaron Solem discusses the ‘right to work’ at U of Minnesota

Aaron Solem is a former president of CFACT at UMN, Twin Cities who has gone on to become a lawyer for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. He spoke to the current CFACT students at UMN about the importance…

Hunting & 2nd Amendment Discussion W/Shaneen Allen At Northeastern U
Hunting & 2nd Amendment Discussion w/Shaneen Allen at Northeastern U

Collegians at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts hosted a discussion from Shaneen Allen, an outspoken Second Amendment advocate, Tyler Yzaguirre from the Second Amendment Institute, and Dick Heller, the focal point of the landmark Heller Supreme Court case, to discuss…

CFACT At The University Nevada Reno Organizes Holiday Litter Pick Up!
CFACT at The University Nevada Reno Organizes Holiday Litter Pick Up!

 With Christmas and the holidays around the corner students at the University of Nevada Reno decided to give back and help clean up a green space near their university. The event was organized by chapter president Patrick Shields who stated,…

CFACT Tours Fracking Rigs In NW Pennsylvania: Will Government Shut Them Down?
CFACT Tours Fracking Rigs in NW Pennsylvania: Will Government Shut Them Down?

When one thinks of "gas companies," or "fracking," one may think of massive oil drilling facilities off the coast, or large and powerful corporations. But when CFACT visited fracking companies at the Allegheny National Forest in Northwest Pennsylvania, a very…

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Rock Climbing Outreach At Seattle U!

Rock Climbing outreach at Seattle U!

What separates CFACT from other conservative groups is that CFACT actually does things. CFACT students don’t just hold pizza club meetings, and staff does not simply write policy reports that…

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