Seventy Libertarian Collegian Leaders Across Six States Sign Anti Carbon Tax Pledge!

YAL Spring Summit Conference Booklet!

CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze was proud to represent CFACT at the Young Americans for Liberty spring summit in Houston, Texas in April as well as unveil CFACT’s latest campaign called “Just Say No To Carbon Taxes!”  The summit was a meet up of collegiate liberty minded students affiliated with the organization Young Americans for Liberty and featured various venders, speakers, and over 200 student leaders from around the south.  One by one students flocked over to the CFACT table to sign the pledge and support CFACT’s newest campaign and also wanted to learn more about how they could help fight against the greens war on prosperity.

CFACT’s Booth for the YAL Spring Summit

Many of the speakers at the conference also echoed CFACTs message as Former Congressman Ron Paul talked about the message of fear surrounding the alarmist rhetoric regarding global warming. Others such as Young Americans For Liberty President Cliff Maloney stated that nothing productive has ever come from putting a tax on anything and how instead the free market should be the vehicle for change and innovation.

YAL student leader signing CFACT’s pledge against carbon taxes

Overall the future looks bright for real energy and prosperity as many liberty minded student leaders were happy to stand against the radical green agenda and fight back against destructive carbon taxes. However, even with the major victory against the alarmist won at this conference CFACT has no intention of taking its foot off the gas and plans to continue this campaign into the fall 2018 semester and further our message of prosperity for people and nature too!