Seven Crazy Ways We Use Oil


So whether you know it or not, we all use oil every day of our lives. Products that are derived from oil and petroleum are ubiquitous, and modern day life could not exist without them.  Even groups that are not too keen on using oil admit it is everywhere. So here are seven of the most common ways we use Oil in our everyday lives.

1. Roads


One of the key components of modern roads is the oil product known as asphalt. Without asphalt, our modern system of roads wouldn’t be possible. We are also really good at recycling the asphalt in our roads, roughly 99% of all asphalt used in roads is recycled into new projects.





2. Cosmetics 


Another way we use oils everyday, without even knowing it, is cosmetics. Many forms of makeup rely on petrochemicals for their ingredients, and they serve as moisturizers and bases. Petrochemicals are also found in products like hairspray and hair gel.





3. Houses


Our homes are another place we run into oil products everyday. We actually have petroleum based products to thank for the insulation that keeps us cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Most of houses also use asphalt shingles as their roofing material, which keeps the rain out.





4. Soap, shampoo, and conditioner


Oil is also found in another set of products we all (hopefully) use on a daily basis. In fact, as noted by the American Chemistry Council, most shampoos are made completely of petroleum products and petrochemicals. These ingredients are what moisturizes our skin, kills germs and bacteria, and gets us clean.







5. Clothing

MA-1_Jacket_in_petrolWe have oil to thank for many of the synthetic fibers used to make the clothes in our closets. In fact, certain materials, like polyester and nylon, are exclusively made from oil. So next time you wear something that contains polyester, remember you have oil to thank for it.





6. Medicine

PillsMany items in our medicine cabinet exist due to petrochemicals. Vitamins, medicine, and even band-aids all rely on petrochemicals. Pain killers, like Aspirin, are often synthesized using petrochemicals. So next time you have a headache, remember you have oil to thank for making it go away.







7. Electronics


Almost all plastics we use today are made from petrochemicals. Without plastics our modern way of life would be impossible, and no where is this more evident than the electronics we use everyday. All electronics contain plastic in some form or another. smart phones, TV’s, computers, tablets, and all other electronics utilize plastic components. Whenever someone tells you that we need to stop using fossil fuels (which includes oil), ask them if they are willing to give up electronics.

This list barely touches the surface of the multitude of oil and petrochemical based products we use everyday.  Check out this list of oil and petrochemical based products if you want to see more of the oil products we use daily.