Ron Paul Speaks at Syracuse


Former Congressman Ron Paul addresses a sold-out auditorium Wednesday evening

On March 26th the CFACT chapter at Syracuse University co-hosted former Congressman Ron Paul on campus.

Paul addressed a crowd of nearly 1,100 in Hendricks Chapel.  The event was sold out and many students showed up hoping to have an opportunity to see the talk.

Congressman Paul walked out to a roaring ovation and kept the audience engaged throughout the entire lecture.  He received strong support and applause on multiple occasions as he talked about the power of free markets.

Paul bellowed out that, “The answer isn’t in more government, the answer is for more liberty for individuals to take care of themselves.” This statement was a direct challenge to New York’s environmental regulations that are choking economic expansion, energy exploration, and causing families to suffer.

CFACT’s chapter leader James Ward, a senior at Syracuse University said, “Ron Paul drove home the point that government subsidies of green energy and moratoriums on new energy exploration distort the market, lead to coercion, and make it impossible for people to bear the fruit of their efforts.  Anyone can simply look over the border into Pennsylvania to see how freedom of production on personal property can lead to abundance and prosperity.”


CFACT’s Hannah Thompson, a junior at Syracuse, said, “it was great to have the opportunity to hear Congressman Paul in person here at Syracuse. As the leading voice in the United States for individual rights and a champion for limited government, Congressman Paul touched on many issues that college students face today and will continue to be challenged with for years to come. I think it was a very eyeopening speech for many who were hearing Congressman Paul speak for the first time and it was very refreshing to hear a voice of reason on campus.”

Overall, reception for Ron Paul was overwhelmingly positive and warm, as he engaged students on the importance of individual rights to liberty and property.