Radio Hall of Famer Discusses the Dangers of Cap-N-Trade with CFACT SoCal

Duffy Speaks to Students

Duffy Speaks to Students

Radio Hall of Famer Warren Duffy recently met with CFACT So Cal students to discuss the Cap -N-Trade Bill set to take effect in California in January 2012.

The Bill attempts to charge corporations for using too much air, via “carbon credits” and a so-called “carbon trade,” in which “credits” for air can be traded like stocks at the New York Stock Exchange.

The Greens claim we need to reduce “carbon emissions” drastically or else face catastrophic environmental consequences -which has been scientifically shown to be false, as man’s contributions to overall carbon output on earth is insignificant in relation to all carbon output.

The students really enjoyed Warren Duffy’s presentation. It was captivating and informative. Many of the students expressed interest in hosting a lecture by Warren Duffy on their individual campuses this fall.