Pay no attention to that data behind the curtain!

Scientists Patrick Michaels and Chip Knappenberger have been researching how accurate climate models have been over the past 60 years. Their result: the models have overestimated temperatures, for six decades straight.

This leads to the hypothesis that perhaps each model contains a theoretical climate that is too reliant on carbon affecting the atmosphere.

Traditionally, it is estimated that for a doubling of carbon emissions, the Earth’s global temperature would increase by 3 degrees Celsius. New studies by the Global Warming Policy Foundation from the U.K. suggest that number might actually be closer to 1.75 degrees Celsius.

All of this data leads to the question: why has the American public been sold on extreme global warming when the predictions have been wrong for over 60 years? The answer, presumably, is that liberal politicians and green activists use emotion and fear to distract people from the facts. They may themselves even be distracted from the facts by the false notions that polar bears could be drowning, or that island nations will sink into the sea, or that devastating hurricanes will become a weekly fact of life for America.

But don’t pay attention to the facts that there has been zero global warming for over 18 years 9 months, or that polar bear populations are soaring, or that the ice caps are growing!

You can find the data on all these subjects here: global warming pause; inconvenient global warming facts.

What number of years will be required to go by before people wake up and say: “Hey, wait a second, the warming apocalypse still hasn’t happened!”?