NOAA Turns Science on its Head

Global Warming has had a problem for the last eighteen years. What is that problem you ask? The answer is simple: there hasn’t been any global warming. According to NASA’s own climate satellites, there has been no warming for the past eighteen years and six months. But instead of recognizing this global warming pause, and admit the possibility that they are wrong, the NOAA just decided that if the data doesn’t support global warming, they need to change the data.

Science is based on the objective use of facts to prove a hypothesis. If the facts do not agree with the hypothesis, the hypothesis should be rejected. What the NOAA has done is turn the scientific process on its head. Instead of rejecting the flawed hypothesis, they rejected the facts instead.

This is particularly troubling since global warming and climate change is such a pressing issue. This study, with its flawed scientific method, will be used to push for policies that could have a huge negative impact, both here in the United States and around the world. Scientific integrity should be a priority for the NOAA, but instead they have demonstrated they are willing to take short cuts and cut corners to try to win an argument.