New England protests the Blue Green Alliance

CFACT protests the Blue Green Alliance in New England, calling for real jobs.
On Tuesday, August 31st the so-called Blue-Green Alliance’s ‘The Job’s Not
Done Tour’ made a pit stop in Portland, Maine. They came all the way from San Diego,
California. They came to promote what they euphemistically refer to as ‘Green Jobs.’
They claim that these jobs will be permanent, promote ‘clean energy’ and a renewed
In reality however, nothing could be further from the truth. Take Spain for
example, where they have already tried ‘Green Jobs.’ These jobs cost the country an
average of around $774,000 each. In addition, each Green Job resulted in the loss of 2.2
productive jobs. If that is not enough, only one in ten Green Jobs became permanent.
Similar consequences were wrought in Italy.
When you take a close look, it turns out that what the phrase ‘green jobs’ really
means is ‘green backs’ for union bosses, carbon traders and global warming alarmists ‘
all of which make up the bureaucracy behind the jobs. In the midst of our economy, the
American consumer cannot afford to pay extra or to lose productive jobs so that special
interest groups can line their pockets.
Despite the experience of Spain and Italy, the Blue-Green Coalition came to
Maine August 31st to convince locals that green jobs will be good for them. It is a good
thing that nobody turned out to welcome them though when they came.
When the Blue-Green Alliance tour bus pulled up there were more folks coming
off of the bus than there were coming to listen. Talk about a literal case of preaching to
the choir. The Blue-Green Alliance basically held a round table discussion with them
selves. While only around 14 or so Portland residents were in attendance there were
around 15 participants making up the round table.
Not only was attendance unsatisfactory, but about 8 locals were outside protesting
the Blue-Green Alliance’s pseudo-solution. The protestors were members of CFACT ‘the
Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow ‘a two decade old organization dedicated to
finding effective free-market oriented solutions to environmental woes. For the most part,
the CFACT protestors were students from the University of Southern Maine.
They held up signs and passed out fliers in an effort to counter the lies being
promulgated by the hippie-generation members of the Blue-Green Alliance. After the
meeting, they were tracking down their fellow students and Portland residents in order
to make sure that they were educated with the facts about so-called ‘green jobs.’ These
students were focused and very motivated. After all, it is their community that is at stake
‘their future jobs!
‘They are going to get rich while we suffer. While they make more than their just
due others will lose their jobs and have to go on unemployment or welfare, all because of
government intervention.’ stated Janet Aldrich, a local resident.
‘I don’t think they understand that we really can’t afford to fund expensive
and unproductive special interest groups while we are in this kind of economic
situation.’ stated Amber Bellinger, a senior at the University of Southern Main.
‘I don’t think they have looked at the research from Spain and Italy. The effects
of these jobs are definitely economically negative.’ stated Kris Waltham, a junior at the
University of Southern Maine.
By the end of the event the CFACT students seemed quite satisfied with their
work! They educated virtually everyone who attended the session and felt as though they
made a difference for good in their community!