Mississippi State Kicks Off “Clean Coal” Education Campaign

Few issues have grabbed more headlines in Mississippi than the proposed clean coal energy facility in Kemper County.   The issue has sparked a lot of debate among Mississippians, and  while much discussion has focused on the costs associated with the project, the local CFACT chapter is turning its attention to promise the new clean coal technology provides in placing the Magnolia State a world leader in energy production.


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“We want to learn more about this technology and what it could mean for our future,” stated Mississippi State freshman Brandon Patrick, “and we want to make sure our fellow students are also informed.”

Toward that end, the CFACT chapter has produced a fact sheet they’re distributing to fellow students touting the benefits of the plant’s technology, facts which include:

  • The 582 megawatt plant will cut carbon dioxide emissions 65%.
  • The captured carbon dioxide will be transported along a 61-mile pipeline and will be used for enhanced oil recovery to find oil that was previously unreachable.
  • Using carbon dioxide from Kemper is expected to increase U.S. oil output by 2 million barrels per year, playing an important role in reducing Mississippi’s and America’s use of foreign oil and keeping oil revenue at home rather than sending it overseas.
  • The Kemper plant site will be a zero liquid discharge facility, which means none of the water used to generate electricity will end up in surrounding streams and rivers, keeping our environment clean.

The chapter also plans to invite speakers to campus to discuss the Kemper project and clean coal technology, as well as other issues Mississippi State students have expressed an interest in including climate change, property rights and endangered species.