Mississippi College Student Body Supports Natural Gas

20160913_142145Mississippi College has proved to be a “shining city on a hill” in a world of socialist, radical green college and university student bodies. Early results of a survey on campus20160913_140209-1 show strong support of natural gas as a major energy source for America.

“I can’t couldn’t understand why the green mafia and media attack natural gas so much when it does so much to power everyday decent people, while also helping America become energy independent,” remarked one student who participated in the survey.

In addition, Mississippi College administration officials were incredibly supportive of the efforts to engage the student body on important issues. After campus staff questioned CFACT activists about what they were doing on campus interacting with students, they were advised to wait in one of the administrative buildings. CFACT was prepared for the worst, expecting the administration to take the route of so many other colleges in suppressing free speech and enforcing an iron grip on student expression with free speech zones

                                       “I was amazed,” said Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze, who was helping to coordinate the efforts. “Instead,I was greeted by Vice President of A20160913_135809-1dmissions and Governmental Relations Dr. Steve Stanford who not only granted CFACT full access to the campus, but then added his personal card and connected me us to security in case any issues would occur. This administration gets it.”

The faculty at Mississippi College have chosen to create an atmosphere on campus that allows for the free exchange of ideas without censorship. This principle has trickled down to the students who understand the reliability and responsibility in supporting and investing in real energy.

Mississippi College students plan to complete the survey over the course of the semester to try to garner as many signatures in support of natural gas as possible. The ongoing effort is a part of CFACT’s initiatives to engage college and university students on why fossil fuels should continue to play an integral part in powering our lives.