Mission Rio: A.K.’s Report from the Trenches

Team Rio – Day 1

Our arrival in Rio after a red-eye flight from the U.S. found us all tired but eager to get going with CFACT’s important work at the UN Rio+20 conference.  We knew while delegates were coming here to alarm the world about the doom and gloom facing humanity from alarmist “crisis” such as overpopulation, global warming, resource depletion (blah, blah, blah), we were showing up ready to challenge these assumptions by offering our  positive message of hope and prosperity through individual liberty, free markets and sound science.  A hard task indeed … which became apparent the moment we stepped off the plane as we were greeted with UN Rio+20 slogans everywhere you looked.

From the ten foot banners at every turn to the giant sand castles scattered along the beach shaped into Rio+20 logos, the left’s propaganda machine was in full swing.  I have to admit I was a little upset at the lack of beautiful Brazilian babes in “I have a crush on sustainability” t-shirts –  but hey it’s only day one.

To the Brazilian people this conference is probably the exact opposite of the annual “Carnival” celebration that takes place each year.  During “Carnival” people from all over the world show up, get drunk, and without a care party the night away.  Instead during Rio+20, people from all over the world show up drunk on power and make plans through the night to spend all of the western countries’ wealth away.

Team Rio will be here on point and ready to report any and all activity that aims to limit our freedom and punish us for our economic prosperity.  We will be the eyes and ears for those of you at home who are concerned about the next power grab that will inevitably come from this bureaucratic group.  On that note, I bid you ado.

Hmmmm, we just got word that 50,000 “indigenous peoples” plan to rally tomorrow … definitely better get some sleep.  I’ll update you tomorrow.

-A.K. Kamara

Collegians Midwest Coordinator