Marc Morano’s Earth Week Tour: Syracuse, SUNY Fredonia and UCONN

CFACT campuses all over the Northeast have been hosting Marc Morano, the man behind CFACT’s, to speak out about climate change hysteria. Morano, who has been called many things by the mainstream media, including “King of the Skeptics” by Newsweek, “Climate Killer, Drudge of Denial” by Rolling Stone and a “Criminal against humanity, against planet earth itself,” by Grist, has been busy demonstrating to students the need to re-think climate change, especially in light of all the climate-gate revelations that have plagued the debate this past year.
The tour started off in Syracuse and culminates in Connecticut at the University of Connecticut. Andrew Provencher, CFACT Chair at UCONN was excited to have Marc on campus, “Opposition groups have been out in full force, tearing down our posters…I think we had a great turn-out and hopefully after these students hear Marc Morano in person they will begin to see another side to the politicized science that has driven the debate for so long.”