James O’Keefe speaks to UMTC Chapter!


Monday night, CFACT’s chapter at the University of Minnesota (our largest chapter in the nation) hosted an EPIC panel of speakers consisting of CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, Bob Knee, our National Finance Director, Christina Norman, and the one and only James O’Keefe! The event was moderated by CFACT’s University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Alumni President, Evan Smith.

Knee opened the event by introducing CFACT’s mission statement to any potential newcomers, talking about CFACT’s successes so far this year, and our plans for the upcoming semester. To ensure CFACT is able to support its field operations, Knee reminded anyone that donations are always helpful, and Christina Norman posted the link for CFACT’s donation page. Even the smallest donation helps us attain our goal of promoting economic freedom and environmental sanity on college campuses!

But, the heart of the event was the remarks given by O’Keefe.

O’Keefe spent the overwhelming majority of his lecture speaking about media censorship. At the beginning, he highlighted that that morning, the Washington Post had to retract a story they ran about the Georgia election that contained several statements made in error. He then went into deep details about Project Veritas’ operations in Minnesota, and talked about the campaign to expose illicit election interference that went on in that particular state. That alleged interference led to the election of Ilhan Omar, who has used her dubiously-gained power to argue passionately for big-government takeover of environmental issues. O’Keefe then fielded questions on a range of topics, from solar power to the ‘cancel culture’. 

O’Keefe paid tribute to CFACT’s mission, and offered this kind word of advice “No matter what you’re fighting…anyone who tells the truth in times of universal deceit is committing a revolutionary act.”

CFACT is very thankful for the continued relationship we have with Mr. O’Keefe and our friends at Project Veritas, and we look forward to working more with them to ensure our mutual success in the future. 

Be brave, CFACTers, and keep doing everything to fight for our beloved principles.

If you missed the event, fear not! You can find it on CFACT’s official YouTube page. Click here to enjoy!