Ignorance is Strength (for Global Warming Alarmists)

One of the biggest tools used by climate alarmists is the ignorance of the public. It is easy for individuals to hear a story and believe it without giving it a second thought. This is particularly true if people believe they can trust the source they heard it from. Many times if someone hears a story or a “fact” from someone with a Ph.D, they will simply assume it is true. However, this is not always the case.

Just because someone has a Ph.D it doesn’t mean they are an expert in every field of study under the sun. Individuals with Ph.Ds generally have a very specific focus that they are truly experts in. Whenever you examine the source of a story or fact, you should make sure they are a credentialed source in their field. For example, an individual who has their Ph.Din English should not be used as a source in a chemistry paper because it is not their field of study. While the English Ph.D may be very passionate about chemistry, they are not credentialed in that field.

Sadly when it comes to the topic of climate change many of the most common sources people like to quote are not credentialed in the field of climatology. For example Rajendra Pachauri, the former chair of the IPCC, had his Ph.D in industrial engineering and economics. Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is another example of this phenomena. Instead of having a degree in climate science (like many would expect with his high profile in the climate change debate) Bill Nye is actually a mechanical engineer.

So whenever you hear a story, be sure to check the source. If the individual isn’t a credentialed source, you may want to take what they are saying with a grain of salt.