Georgia Tech learns about developments in technology happening on campus!

Georgia Tech just brought a speaker in, Marcia Kinstler, head of the Stewardship department on campus to tell students how Georgia Tech is impacting not only Atlanta, but potentially the world, through new technologies that are being developed on campus. She discussed how Georgia Tech is on the cutting edge of technology and, as Johnny Simmons, CFACT Chair said, “A world leader in developing technologies that will take us into the future, literally, and make our planet cleaner and more user friendly. Marcia showed us how, as students here, we have an absolute advantage over other students and even companies because we can see where our world is headed just by looking at the technologies being developed on campus.”
Johnny also pointed out the many students aren’t aware of all the technological developments being made right on their very own campus, “Georgia Tech recently made the top 10 list of places where technological innovations and companies are created. Whether it’s LED, nanotechnology or solar power, it was great to hear from Marcia and get an inside-look at what technologies people at Georgia Tech are working on and researching.”