Gabriella Hoffman talks Conservative Conservation at IUB

Gabriella Hoffman, CFACT’s conservation expert and host of CFACT’s District of Conservation podcast, was recently welcomed as a speaker at Indiana University, Bloomington. The talk, which was given to the chapter headed by Kyle Reynolds, helped students understand the important political ramifications of conservation issues. Although the topic of environmental science is one that should be dominated by scientific objectivity it is still a must for people to discuss how it can be intertwined in politics. College campuses are still progressively getting swamped with left-wing ideologies on climate change so events like this are very welcomed in such biased environments.

An example of topics discussed included how hunters and anglers are good at keeping an eye on the balance of animal populations because without them the environment runs a risk of becoming unbalanced.

Campus bulletin boards prominently advertised the talk.

Hoffman’s approach to the issue stems from her conservative views which align with CFACT’s mission. Her ideas brought forth in the speech resulted in the clever notion that conservationist efforts are conservative. The students showed engagement and were interested to hear the logic behind this novel premise. “I enjoyed delivering a last minute talk at IU Bloomington on how conservation is conservative. The students were interested in the topic and appreciative of the surrounding discussion that came out of the lecture,” Hoffman said afterward.

Reynolds and his chapter were enthused and look forward to having more CFACT speakers and events held on their campus.