Free (Trade) Coffee!

UMD Free (Trade) Coffee

UMD Students Hand out Free Coffee and educate their peers on the perks of free trade!

On February 24, 2011, CFACT at UMD held a ‘Free-Trade Coffee’ day.

They ordered $90 worth of coffee from Caribou and specified that they did not want fair-trade coffee.  The coffee was then brought to campus where they set up their table in the Kirby Student Center.  Students taped a fact sheet containing information about fair-trade, free-trade, and how students on campus can get involved to help promote free-trade to each cup.

Over 100 cups of coffee were handed out.  Several students expressed interest in joining CFACT.  Even more asked questions about what exactly free-trade is and why it is better than fair-trade.  CFACT UMD was able to reach a large portion of the school and they are thinking of doing a follow up because this event went over so well with the student body!

Promoting the message of free-trade is vital to our school, community, and country.  Students need to understand that truly ‘fair’ trading is free-trade.  When the consumer is purchasing an item, the price they pay should reflect the quality of the product they are purchasing.  Anything else does not make sense and hurts us as individuals.  This is exactly why CFACT at UMD finds it essential to inform the students at UMD the truth behind free and fair trade.