Free speech is rolling on the campus of UT Knoxville!

CFACT teamed up with Young Americans for Liberty and the Leadership Institute to roll a giant free speech ball all over the campus of the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Students from all across campus started to turn heads and come check out the giant inflatable beach ball rolling down the quad. Many where excited to sign the ball and stand up for free speech on their campus, others decided to come and discuss free speech on campus and learn about their own campuses free speech zones and other unconstitutional areas.

Students explain the importance of the free speech ball.

Mike, a sophmore in marketing at the university of Tennessee said, “I was unaware of the existence of “free speech zones” on campus. I have always just assumed you could speak your mine and advocate anywhere on campus.” Many other students like Mike were not aware of the numerous regulations and rules prohibiting free speech on college campuses today and were interested in getting involved to help change them.

Students come to sign the free speech ball.

Events like the free speech ball are a huge help in sparking political discourse and important conversations about liberty on campus. CFACT is happy to work alongside conservative and liberty minded groups like the ones mentioned above to motivate the millennial generations to choose personal liberty and responsibility.