Free Speech is Alive at Arizona State University

Arizona State University made it known that free speech is alive as ever at their campus witha free speech wall event last week. Students from the college were invited to w20161116_155400rite whatever they would like to protest the trending safespace culture on college campuses today. Students were excited and began moving toward the wall to voice their opinion on a variety of issues ranging from sports teams, to political issues, as well as  regulation on the college campus.

CFACT partnered with conservative group Turning Point USA in this event to hel20161116_162222p bring awareness to the decline of liberty of the college campus and highlight a show of unity amongst conservative campus groups. Sheridan Smede, a student at ASU said. “CFACT did a great job bringing awareness to liberty issues with Turning Point USA. The left seems to always be forming coalitions on the college campus to promote their socialist views, it was great for the students to see the right do the same and stand united on such important issues.” Smede was just one of many students who were ecstatic over the free speech wall.

The message here was simple, students love free speech and want to see it returned to the college campus. CFACT was just the messenger, and liberty was the message.

Free speech has been under attack on college campuses across the country. Earlier this year CFACT was attacked for voicing a pro-fracking message at Temple University. Doing events like a free speech wall challenge the left’s censorship and empowers the students to speak up and voice their opinions on campus.