Dr. Fred Singer Lectures at UCLA

Dr. Singer Visits UCLA

Dr. Singer Visits UCLA

In a whirlwind tour around the nation, 88 year young Dr. Fred Singer educated a large part of the young conservative movement about so-called “global warming” in recent weeks.

One of Dr. Singers stops was at UCLA, where he spoke before a group of about 40 students, faculty, and concerned citizens.

Dr. Singer, a long-time physicist, mapping expert, and one of the pioneers of global positioning systems (GPS) delivered a one hour presentation to the group about lies associated with left-wing environmentalism. Dr. Singer highlighted that thermometers which show warming are located at airports in urban areas, whereas the thermometers located in the ocean and atmosphere show no warming. Dr. Singer also noted that tree ring measurements, ice core measurements, and coral measurements show no warming.

” The score is 5 to 1,” he stated. We win! In the end, “global warming” has turned out to be nothing more than absent minded scientists failing to account for the fact that blacktops and sky rises now surround airport thermometers, and they did not so much thirty years plus years ago.? It seems so simple! What’s all the fuss about!”