CPAC 2020: the “Climate Hustle 2” movie hype is big!

CFACT’s great team helped get the word out at CPAC about Climate Hustle 2!

CFACT was out in force at CPAC 2020, the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the nation. With over 10,000 people regularly attending, CPAC, aka the “Conservative Political Action Conference”, is the place to be for reaching America’s passionate activists.

CFACT handed out hundreds of palm cards, magnets, and other swag to raise awareness of the upcoming film, Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy. Featuring Kevin Sorbo of Hercules and God’s Not Dead, Climate Hustle 2 exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of the climate change campaigners. The movie will be in over 700 theaters around the country for a special one night only showing on April 21. For tickets, visit!

Our awesome activists put together a short promo video on the movie and their outreach efforts. You can watch that here!

The highlight of the video is when an attendee says: “Leonardo DiCaprio, God bless you sir, you’re a fine actor, but he doesn’t give two s**** about the environment!”

CNN’s Bill Weir (left) interviews CFACT’s Adam Houser about Climate Hustle 2 and the climate change isue.

CFACT’s Adam Houser was also interviewed by CNN’s Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir. Weir talked extensively with Houser, and Weir challenged CFACT on issues like extreme temperatures, the so-called 97% consensus, and Australian wildfires. Houser parried Weir’s comments, explaining that Australia hasn’t been performing the necessary “controlled burns” to prevent catastrophic wildifres, which naturally occur. Houser also said that there were many scientists in the film that take issue with and debunk claims of extreme temperatures and the consensus, such as Dr. William Happer, Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. Judith Curry, and Dr. Richard Lindzen.

CFACT’s helper, Matthew Redmond, said “The climate change thing is a war for the hearts and minds on number one college campuses, but across America…Climate Hustle 2…I would tell my friends and family to go see it. Go see it, it’s gonna be amazing.”

Naomi Seibt (center stage), addresses questions from the crowd at Heartland Institute’s event at CPAC.

Gregory Wrightstone, geologist and author of “Inconvenient Facts,” stopped by to help spread the word about the film. Also, CFACT was able to attend a talk by Naomi Seibt, the young German influencer who has challenged Greta Thunberg’s title as the representative for all youth perspectives on climate change.

Overall, CPAC was an incredible success for spreading the word about Climate Hustle 2, and to involve even more young people in CFACT’s Collegians and educational programs across the country!