Climate realism on display as Dr. Cal Beisner wins over Georgia students on State Tour!

With the holidays on the way and the semester ending many students are beginning to prepare for finals and returning home. One issue that always comes up around these times is how to talk to your crazy climate alarmist Aunt and Uncle when Christmas dinner comes around. Well the students at two Georgia Universities thought about it and decided to host The Cornwall Alliance’s president Dr.Cal Beisner at Kennesaw State and The University of Georgia Athens.

Dr. Beisner’s message was the same at both schools: “What are the facts and falsehoods of the climate debate and why is the alarmist side nervous about their ideas being challenged?” Many of the students were shocked to hear Dr. Beisner talk about growing up in the third world and seeing the results of not having cheap and affordable energy first hand and how it keeps nations in a cycle of poverty. Dr. Beisner stated, “Every nation where you do not have cheap and affordable energy, you have poor environmental conditions.”

Many students had questions about debunking the common leftist talking points on climate change such as sea level rise. One student asked Dr. Beisner if he was worried about the possibility of a rising sea to which Dr. Beisner responded, “I am from Florida, if the sea level would have risen to the extent the alarmist had predicted I would have beachfront property in a few years and most of the beach would be submerged. However, I don’t plan on seeing the ocean anytime soon.”

Overall, students were set up with the newest arguments to combat any alarmist they might see over the holidays. These students are fired up to continue to fight in the spring semester!