Climate Myths Dispelled at West Virginia University

CFACT’s Adam Houser discusses climate alarmism with West Virginia students.

Hurricanes are getting more extreme. 97% of scientists agree. Polar bears are going extinct. 

These are the lies that college students are bombarded with from professors and the media almost daily. CFACT visited West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV to help empower conservative students with the facts to fight back.

CFACT’s National Director of Collegians, Adam Houser, spoke to a group eager to learn how to fight back against the talking points and propaganda they hear from their peers.

“The 97% number is absolutely bogus,” Houser said. “Professor David Legates at the University of Delaware studied close to 12,000 papers on climate published from 1991-2011. Only 41 of those, or 0.3%, support the idea that climate change is caused predominantly by human activity.”

Graph based on data from NOAA showing all hurricanes trending downward in frequency.

Students were most fascinated by the graph showing that Hurricanes have actually been DECREASING since the industrial revolution, which  completely disproves the narrative that carbon emissions are making extreme weather worse.


Students listen intently as Houser explains how the free market is better at solving environmental problems than government.

“I was really fascinated by the facts presented here, especially on hurricanes and climate change,” said junior Michael Quinlan. “It’s going to be very useful in talking about free markets on campus.”

Finally, in regards to polar bears, Houser explained that studies from Dr. Susan Crockford show that polar bears are at their highest levels in 50 years, with possibly as many as 30,000 alive today.

“These students asked a ton of great questions. I’m confident they’re going to take this new found knowledge and make a big difference on campus,” added Houser.