Climate Debate at Florida International University Dares To Have Both Sides Present

People gather to hear the climate debate.

In an age where nearly all universities teach Al Gore’s gospel of climate change as sacred dogma, it is a relief to see one university go against the tide and  debate the models and statistics  of climate change . Florida International University  in Miami held  the debate between local climate activist Greg Hamra from  the alarmist astro turf group Citizens Climate Lobby and  climate realist and ex-Heartland  Institute employee  James Taylor as a breakout session for their 2018 Journalist and Editors Workshop on Climate Change in the Americas.  Though the conference’s good gesture of hosting a climate realist was noted James Taylor and his peers were a minority as the rest of the conference seemed to focus on the typical climate change narrative.

Flyers CFACT handed out at the debate loaded with real climate facts!

CFACT student hands out flyers

To combat the narrative and make sure conference goers were given the facts on climate change CFACT decided to infiltrate the conference and hand out fact sheets detailing the truth behind the green’s narrative and prepare the audience before Taylor’s debate.  Most accepted the hand outs with a returning weird look while others took them thankfully and examined them before the debate. One CFACT student who attended the event remarked that, ” It was good for FIU to host the debate and allow both sides of the climate debate to speak,  far too often it seems just one side is told to us in the classroom.”

Overall. events like this show that despite the mainstream media’s narrative that students fully buy into the climate change gospel, there are many in campuses around the country who dare to challenge the greens and insist that the debate carry on.