Climate Change Panel brings facts at College of Charleston!

Cover photo:Nick Lindquist of the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) gives his presentation to start the panel off.

Attendees of the climate change panel pose after an in depth discussion of the issues.

The government makes everything worse.

That’s the message CFACT brought to Collegians at the College of Charleston in South Carolina at a climate change panel hosted by Turning Point USA on campus.

Also invited to participate was Nick Lindquist of the American Conservation Coalition, or ACC.

“Let’s look at the government’s record of solving problems,” CFACT Director of Collegians Adam Houser said to attendees. “Social security and medicare have an unfunded liability of over $50 trillion combined. The national debt is $23 trillion – and that doesn’t include the social security and medicare liabilities!

“And we want the government to now solve the so-called ‘climate crisis’? What makes us think they’d manage our environment any better than they’d manage these other debacles?”

CFACT’s Adam Houser discusses CO2 reduction statistics for countries around the world.

Houser also explained that CFACT works with many scientists who have studied the CO2 issue, and either believe that climate models are predicting too much warming, or don’t find sufficient evidence that CO2 is harmful.

These include Dr. Roy Spencer, formerly of NASA and now with the University of Alabama, Huntsville; Dr. William Happer of Princeton University, Dr. Judith Curry, formerly with the Georgia Institute of Technology; Dr. David Legates of the University of Delaware; and many others.

“Whatever your opinion on CO2 – the real point is that the government should have nothing to do with trying to solve climate change if indeed CO2 is a problem. Whether that be through carbon taxes, misplaced subsidies for wind, solar, or any energy source, or placing a ‘price’ on carbon – all these ideas are awful and will only make our environment and society worse off.”

Nuclear energy produces zero CO2 emissions once constructed, but climate activists never support nuclear in their proposals. Both CFACT and ACC both called out politicians and groups that support the Green New Deal for their hypocrisy on this issue in particular.

“It was great to partner with a group like ACC that is opposed to carbon taxes to help explain the climate issue to students,” Houser added.

“More panels like this are needed around the country to bring climate sanity back to our colleges and universities!”