Climate Change and Pumpkin Pies

It looks like this year the supply of pumpkin may be reduced. According to Libby, one of the main suppliers of canned pumpkin, said due to an exceptionally wet growing season their pumpkin crop is only around 50% of what it has been in past years.

Already climate alarmists are jumping on the story and claiming climate change is the culprit. It seems like whenever something bad happens alarmist always raise the specter of climate change. Climate change is the boogeyman responsible for (almost) everything wrong in the world, and the only way to keep him away is to get rid of our carbon emissions.

The problem is this isn’t the first time this kind of pumpkin crop failure has happened. Recently in 2009 similar conditions reduced that year’s pumpkin crop. Crop failures happen, and they are a part of agricultural life. Back in 1901 90% of the pumpkin crop was destroyed. Blaming climate change for this year’s poor crop is just another example of how far alarmists will go to push their agenda.