Clemson students say Deer Lives Matter!

20161011_115634In response to the numerous deer collisions happening near campus students at Clemson brought in free-market solutions to help their fellow students and deer to. By bringing in deer whistles students will be able to better clear the roads of deer, thus preventing costly damage.

With there being near 200 deaths a year due to collisions with deer, and thousands of injuries and car crashes resulting as well CFACT students had to take action. By installing the whistle on a car one can greatly reduce the chan20161011_120111ces of these costly collisions.

One Clemson student remarked, “This is a great idea, I hit a deer last year and was sent to the hospital and still have back pains. By bringing awareness to this issue I can make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to others.” Many students came out to show support for the initiative, with many also signing up to stay updated with more ways the free market can help the environment.

This event shows that CFACT walks the walk and talks the talk on environmental issues. Unlike other green leftist organizations CFACT believes in ways to make the planet better for nature and people too. Judging by the overwhelming support shown at this event the Clemson students believe that way as well.