Checking in on Coca-Cola

The Georgia Tech CFACT chapter has been super busy the past few weeks, hosting weekly recruitment tables, meetings and even visiting Coke, (since its based out of Atlanta). Students enjoyed sipping on over 60 different Coke products, learning the history of this large, successful corporation and most importantly, seeing firsthand how a large business can provide for communities and foster a sense of entrepreneurship when it comes to issues and hurdles facing 3rd World countries.

CFACT-Georgia Tech was interested in visiting Coke after reading their December 19th press release that described Coke’s efforts to support innovative projects that bring water and sanitation solutions to third world countries. It is good to see businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs competing to develop the best solutions for countries in need of sanitary development!

The students saw that Coca-Cola strives to enhance the economic development of the communities in which it operates and uses free market principles, like competition, to help develop the most sound solutions for those communities. All in all it was a very educational trip for all involved and if you ever get a chance to visit yourself, the best Coke product available to sample is the “Beverly” from Italy, so be sure to get a large cup for that one!!