CFACT’s Save Our Species Spring Campaign in Review


At the beginning of the spring semester CFACT Campus decided to take head on the issue of animal sustainability through privatization in our Save Our Species Campaign. From the beginning we knew we would be battling the radical green agenda head on as they use cute animals as their poster children for their climate alarmist agenda, and would not so easily surrender such a crucial part of their narrative. However, we felt it was worth it and launched our first phase of the campaign with the Collegians Hunting Photo Contest.This phase was then followed up with many more events geared to bring home the message of free-market environmental solutions to species sustainability.

  • Collegians Hunting Photo Contest – The contest allowed student hunters from universities around the country to showcase their work and be proud of playing their part in helping keep species from going extinct and preserving the ecosystem from over population of certain species.  Too many times hunters are singled out and ridiculed by the greens on campus for being monsters and only wanting to kill everything in site. This campaign foght back with the facts and gace sportsman and women the ammo needed to battle the green’s lies on campus. The campaign was a success as numerous students submitted photos for a chance to win a Field and Stream gift card and fuel their next hunt.

    Winners of the 2017 Hunt with CFACT Contest!








  • UWASH collegians put entrepreneurial innovation on display to save lives – Another part of the campaign was highlighting how the free market the solution to preserve animals and does a much better job than government over regulation. At the University of Washington CFACT handed out deer whistles to students to attach to their cars and prevent dangerous deer collisions. The students at UWASH where all aboard and  happy to join the fight to protect deer with this wonderful free market solution.

Students at UWASH hold up Deer Whistles.








  • Vanderbilt University Students Welcome Free-Market Environmental Solutions! – Much like the UWASH event students at Vanderbilt University were extactic to help hand out reflective bird decals. These decals are designed to attach to a window and reflect light to prevent birds from running into them and causing injury or censeless death. This event much like the deer whistles is another example of the free market preserving species and helping the environment. 

Vanderbilt students show off their bird decals!








Besides these events CFACT students also toured an aquarium in Minnesota and did events to show that the highest population of an endangered deer is found in a deer farm in Texas and not in the wild. In the end CFACT’s Save Our Species Campaign hit home with many college students who love animals and want to help steward the many species we have left. This campaign also fought the left’s narrative that over regulation and veganism is the only way to protect species long term.