CFACT Vanderbilt students clean up litter at the Narrows of the Harpeth!

The semester may be winding down, and our Collegians may be preparing for summer, but that certainly didn’t stop CFACT’s students at Vanderbilt University from going out on yet another hike to clean up litter on the banks of the beautiful Harpeth River in Nashville. This was, sadly, the last CFACT event for their Chapter President, Grace Cancelmo. Grace has been with CFACT for years, and has loyally worked alongside us and educated countless students at Vanderbilt. Though we wish her luck as she goes on to start her career, she will surely be missed!

Four students attended the hike. They hiked from near the bottom of the river basin and climbed to the top of a nearby bluff. ”As we hiked to the top of the bluff, the Harpeth River flows on both sides of us as it’s a meandering river.” Grace said, in describing the event. ”The second trail we did was down to the Montgomery Bell Tunnel”, a historic site that had been previously built for a local iron mill.

When asked about the results of the event, Grace stated that “everyone enjoyed the hike and searching for trash on the trail as a little post-Earth day event. I enjoyed having the opportunity to share with my classmates.”

We’d like to thank all of our students for all their fantastic work this semester. For those who, like Grace, will be graduating this summer, we’d like to extend an additional thanks for all the FANTASTIC work you have put in for us over the years. For those students who are coming back, we look forward to working with you next semester!